5 Ways to Wear an Oversized Oxford Shirt

Written By: Aliecia Brissett

Now if you all are anything like me, you are obsessed with button-down collared shirts. Specifically white - for its blank canvas-like appeal and its versatility to be paired with multiple styles and colours - a button-down oxford shirt is a classic piece that every male and female should have in their wardrobe. From the classic fitted bodice style, to the revved up bell sleeves, a button-down shirt can be remixed into anything you want it to be, and comes in an array of styles to fit your personality. And I don't know about you guys, but there's something about an oxford shirt that screams sophistication and class!

Specifically, when it comes to the popular trend of oversized "boyfriend" styles, there's a little "aha!" moment for me when I see a long, boyfriend fit white oxford shirt. Remember I mentioned about white oxford shirts being a blank canvas? Well that's exactly what comes to mind when I see a boyfriend fit button-down. And since I'm all about making my dollar stretch, turning clothes how they are meant to be worn into something else, makes me, and my wallet, do backflips!

Below I compiled five ways in which I wear my oversized button-down oxford shirt. Hopefully you get a chance to try out some of the styles during the year!



Wearing an oversized oxford shirt as a dress is a great alternative to a classic flared dress. Great for outings with your friends or even a special event, the dress can be worn dressed down by wearing funky sneakers, or rev-up the classic piece with eye-popping statement jewellery.


Wearing an oversized shirt the way it's supposed to be worn is a classic style that is rocked by many. Either paired with distressed denim, flared pants, or tapered trousers, wearing your shirt like, well, a shirt, is great for all occasions.

Top Buttoned

Having only the top of your shirt buttoned on an oversized shirt is a much cooler alternative to the classic style. Paired with any bottom of your choice, wearing this style out on a hot day will certainly cool you down and keep you stylish all at the same time.


Believe it or not, with a few safety pins and a whole lot of imagination, you can turn your oversized oxford shirt into a high-slit skirt! Great for wanting to make a statement, you can pair your new skirt with either a long sleeved top, or, another button-down shirt to create a crisp and trendy look!


No light jacket? No problem! Wearing your oversized shirt as an opened jacket is great for those breezy summer nights and those crisp autumn mornings. Paired with which ever top and bottom of your choice, wearing your shirt opened is great when wanting to throw on a light cover-up instead of a jacket.


Photographer: Nyaomi | Jewellery:  Krown Jewels by Kai | Shirt: Rag & Bone | Shoes: Jean-Michel Cazabat | Jeans: The Castings