5 Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf

Written By: Aliecia Brissett

Now that summer is here, it's time to break out the seasons gear that has been collecting dust during the winter, and give them a little spruce to welcome the warmer weather. And if you're like myself who enjoys mixing and matching seasonal clothing, a great option to revamp your winter essentials for summer attire, is using a silk scarf as a way to create new looks that will keep you both cool and stylish during the warmer months.

Whether that means showing a little more skin or rocking bold accessories, the transformation a silk scarf can do is amazing! Here are five ways in which you can style a silk scarf to take you from sophisticated chic, to boho cool this Summer 2016.

Head Wrap

Tying a silk scarf around your head during the summer is a great way to accessorize when you want to opt-out of wearing a hat. Not only is it a great way to brighten-up an outfit, it's also amazing for your hair, as the silk scarf doesn't cause friction and breakage!

Crop Top

Wearing a silk scarf as a crop top is a much cooler alternative to transitioning your scarf from winter to summer. By wearing a strapless black bra underneath the scarf, it will be easy to wrap, tuck and tie your silk scarf into any which style you choose. Whether you opt for a tie around the neck, or a classic bandaeu strapless style, tying your silk scarf can be created into a style that is all on your own.


No belt? No problem! Tying a silk scarf around your waist and/or through your pant loops are a fun way to play with your style and accessorize an item that is often overlooked. Wearing a belt isn't only meant to hold up your pants, its a way to add a little extra excitement to an outfit that may need a facelift.

Neck Tie

If a traditional neck tie bores you, try a silk scarf as an option. Great for colour and an overall statement piece, a silk scarf as a neck tie is great when wanting to wear an accessory that flows in the breeze as you strut down the side walk. Wanna turn heads? Try this option.

Bag Strap

Don't like the straps on your bag? Use a silk scarf to wrap around your bags strap to add a pop of colour to a traditional piece. What's also great about this option is that you can switch up the scarves to match the colour of your outfit. Who said accessorizing had to stop at jewellery!


Photography: Candace Nyaomi | Choker: Krown Jewels | Scarf: KENZO