About Me

Aliecia Brissett

Toronto-based writer and fashion stylist, Aliecia Brissett, has been professionally writing and wardrobe styling for over five years, and continues to lend her talents to local and international media outlets.

With a focus on fashion, tech, music and culture, writing about different art forms for multiple online and print publications brings a sense of excitement to the young professional as she enjoys sharing the inner happenings of her city and abroad.

Not stopping with just her words, she incorporates her classical ballet and hip-hop dance background to create eye-catching editorial spreads. Having styled editorial pages for publications both print and online and runway shows for designer Atelier Guerin , showcasing her flare for fashion and cutting edge style transcends from print to catwalk.

Always opting for colourful and daring attire, hearing her reply, "let's go for it!" when being asked about aesthetic direction, is her wanting to push the editorial envelope, and is all part of this fashionistas tenacious, forward thinking and creative charm.

Whether she's attending New York Fashion Week, Toronto Fashion Week, or styling on location, searching for the next story and editorial inspiration through overseas travel and international fashion districts is all part of the fun and challenge for this music, art, and fashion lover.